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Joseph Alfonso speaking to a constituent.


Our government should have at least these three basics goals: 1) Build for the future, 2) Not make our lives harder, 3) Remember who they are supposed to listen to.

Water Quality

Chemicals are polluting our waterways. Without drastic change in how the U.S. government holds companies accountable, we the people will continue to see the effects on our ecosystem and the health of those we love.

Veterans Affairs

Battle Creek VA system serves as the medical care hub for most West MI veterans. I will work to protect its services and make them more accessible to anyone in need.

Social Security

Hard working Americans deserve to retire without anxiety and fear, and those that are unable to work should not be forced into poverty. We need to properly fund and maintain Social Security so that future generations, like my daughter, can benefit from it.

Reproductive Rights

We need to protect access to reproductive health and leave family planning decisions to the individual. A person's bodily autonomy should not be violated based on someone else's religious or spiritual beliefs.

Gun Violence

Safe gun ownership is supported by the majority of Americans. We need common sense gun laws to ensure weapons of war are not accessible to persons that might be a danger to themselves or others. Safely handling, storing, and usage of guns must be emphasized to save lives and to educate people on the deadly power of these weapons.


We need simpler paths to citizenship and we need cessation of dehumanizing those coming to America for a better life. Our work visas should be easier to obtain and maintain, especially by smaller businesses.


Americans fought and died for the right to organize and any union busting is an insult to the rights of workers everywhere. Organized labor helps to ensure workers are treated with respect and all of their needs are met in a timely manner.


Every industry has been eaten up by large conglomerates that leave out small business and hurt consumers. From agriculture to tech, I will crack down on these monopolies and give power back to the people.

Military Spending

The US needs to refocus spending into taking care of troops and families, rather than spending on items that do not improve readiness, leaving those who served more at risk of poverty and homelessness.

Data Security

Our personal data should not be a commodity without our consent. I will force companies to be transparent with what data they steal from the public. 

Equality and Equity

I believe in equity across the board. I will fight for a level playing field for everyone in MI-04 regardless of any social or economic obstacle that is thrown your way. We are all human, and should not be restricted by the government to live how we choose.

Public Utilities

Local governments deserve to set the standards of service we receive from our utilities. Helping cities to expand their public utilities drives down cost and gives their citizens more reliable and satisfactory service.


We need to create more careers for West Michiganders by bringing in new growing industry while simultaneously supporting the farmers and other hard working individuals in our state through subsidies and government assistance. 

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