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Meet Joseph Alfonso

Joseph Alfonso childhood neighborhood

Born to a Puerto Rican mother and immigrant father in New York City, I was raised by the working and union class. Their support led me to begin my career in the trades as a handyman and fast food service to help support my family.

Picture of Joseph Alfonso in uniform during his deployment.

After graduating High School, I joined the United States Marine Corps, fueled by my passion to fight for my fellow citizens. There, I joined my fellow Marines in the installation of infrastructure for multiple bases and create action plans for Aid Assistance in East and South-East Asia.

wedding picture of Joseph Alfonso and his wife.

After being stationed in San Diego, I met my wife Leah Alfonso (Plockmeyer), a West Michigan native and fellow Marine; we got married in the summer of 2012. Once Leah's military contract was completed, we both chose to move back to Michigan. 


Here in Michigan, I worked as an electrician, sales attendant, and banker before I realized that I missed working in public service. Soon after, I began working at the City Inspections Department in  the City of Kentwood. 

Why I'm running 

As the son of working-class immigrant father and Puerto Rican mother, I was raised by the service workers, laborers, and union members in my community. Honesty, humility, and hard-work were core traits I learned to value. My childhood also instilled me a sense of giving back to the community, like the workers that raised me. That's why upon graduation, I joined the United States Military. A decade later, and as a public servant, I've seen the way representatives fight for themselves over my neighbors, friends, and family. The core traits I learned to value have been abandoned by Washington, but they haven't abandoned me. I was raised to fight for my community, and I'm running to do just that. I want to give West Michigan a strong voice in Congress by bringing jobs back to our state, protecting your healthcare rights, and keeping toxic chemicals out of our pipelines. As a citizen, husband, and father, I will do whatever it takes to protect and fight for the interests of West Michigan. That is why we are running for Michigan's 4th Congressional.


Beautiful Sunset
Holland Michigan photo

Joseph Alfonso announces second bid for Michigan's 4th congressional seat

April 22, 2023

 Sarah Leach, Holland Sentinel

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