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Joseph Alfonso speaking to a constituent.

Even today, pollutants continue to fill our waterways with toxic chemicals. These chemicals impair and affect every Michigander, and has hit West Michigan especially hard. Joseph has been a strong advocate for cleaning our waterways. As your next congressional representative, he will hold companies that put Michiganders in harms way by destroying our water systems.

Water Quality

Veterans Affairs

As a veteran, Joseph understands the importance of accessible and high-quality healthcare for those who put their lives on the line to protect our community. If elected, Joseph will above and beyond to fight for more funding for the Battle Creek VA System and improve service access to the edges of District 4.  

Social Security

Parenting is tough- and Joseph knows that. He's a father to a young daughter, and the last thing he wants to worry about is whether or not she will be able to retire peacefully. In Congress, Joseph will do whatever he can to ensure Social Security stays protected for generations

Bringing work back to MI

During his time in West Michigan, Joseph has held many different jobs and has experienced firsthand the difficulty of finding high-quality jobs in West Michigan. As your next Representative, Joseph will fight to bolster union workers, attract new businesses, and bring growth to our district. He will also fight to protect the farmers, service workers, and small businesses that have been ignored by West Michigan's poor federal representation.

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